The A.C.W. is a dedicated group of 16 ladies with Jeanette Wood as President. In 2013 the ladies had quite a busy year completing 6 large quilts, 5 baby quilts, and 2 machine stitched quilts.  They also prepared 15 Christmas bags for the Seamen and 5 children’s boxes.  They also purchased food for one Christmas family and sold 23 church calendars. Donations were made to St. Augustine’s, the memorial fund and to Sophia Recovery Centre.  The A.C.W. meets every Monday and Thursday from 9:30am – 2:00pm and is always welcoming new membership.


The Woodworking Group is for any of our parishioners interested in working with wood, cutting, assembling or painting items to sell as a fund raiser for church expenses. We meet in the morning once or twice a week whenever convenient..  2013 was our 5th year and last year we made:Nativity Scene 3

55 tall snowmen
26 small snowmen 36 churches
16 Indoor Angels (12 sold)
7 outdoor Angels
15 Nativity Scenes
25 big snowman stakes (driveway markers)
20 small snowman stakes
4 reindeer

Parish Mission Team

At St. Augustine’s we are committed to giving our time, energy and resources to help others both at home and in other parts of the world.  Thank you to all members of our church family who reach out to care for our neighbours in this community and abroad.

During January through April of 2013, St. Augustine’s hosted three community dinners for seniors each month, one of these in partnership with the Baptist church.  This was a new ministry for us and was considered highly successful with over fifty people at most dinners.  There was no charge for the dinners although a free-will offering was accepted.

In response to an appeal from Safe Harbour, the new shelter for homeless youth in Saint John, $1000 of the proceeds from the pork dinner in November was directed toward operating costs of the shelter.  In addition, the church provided $500 to the Parish of Bright to assist with the costs of cleaning up an oil spill.

We are very proud of our youth group who collectively raised $515 by seeking sponsorship for their 30 Hour Famine.  The money raised was sent to PWRDF for purchase of goats, seeds, and vitamin supplements and to provide support for victims of HIV/Aids.

We continued our support of the KV Food Basket, providing a $1200 cash donation and designating KV Food Basket Sunday as the first Sunday of each month.  A list of suggested items for each month was published to make giving easier.

Our longstanding tradition of “White Gift Sunday” continued.  About 25 gifts for the Seafarers’ Mission were collected and delivered to the Mission for delivery to the sailors in December and January. Thanks especially to the ACW for their support in this area.

At Christmas we again joined St. Mark’s Church to provide groceries to local families.  Members of our church filled grocery lists for 21 families in the Valley who could use some neighbourly help at Christmas.

Remembering our Angels campaign during Advent honoured the memory of loved ones while helping those abroad.  Through the “purchase” of angels for our Seafarers’ Mission tree, $470 was collected and sent to World Vision, enough to stock five medical clinics in areas of need around the world.

St. Augustine’s has long supported the work of Reverend Paul Jeffries and the Bishop McAllister College in Uganda.  On behalf of a number of sponsors in Canada and the U.S., a group of parishioners from St. Augustine’s and St. Luke’s collects, manages and transfers funds overseas and keeps us in contact with the school and students.  A number of members of our congregation sponsor students by paying their tuition.  Thank you to this committee for their continued work in this area.